SF220 F sliding table and Tilting spindle


Genisis SF 220 F Tilt Spindle Moulder

This truly versatile machine can have a backwards tilting shaft with mechanical readout for ease of setting.The heavy duty and rigid fence assembly has micro adjustable fence plates for ease of setting and accurate moulding.


  • Table Size: 1000 x 720mm
  • Table Height: 900mm
  • Motor Power: 4 Kw (5.5Hp) Option of 5.5Kw (7.5Hp)
  • Spindle Speed: 3000/5000/6000/8000/10000 RPM
  • Spindle Length: 140mm
  • Maximum aperture intable 245mm
  • Weight ca. 690Kg

SF 220 F includes;

  • Front sliding table with fence +/- 45 degrees
  • Swing away fences
  • Tenon hood (max diameter of cutter above table 320mm)

£7,640 exc. VAT
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