Sliding table panel saws


The best selling Genisis P32 sliding table panel saw with over 120 machines installed throughout the UK Now available at a specially reduced price to celebrate our 25th year anniversary availability....


The latest addition to the super popular Genisis sliding table panel saw is the P32 CNC. This machine, as the name suggests is the CNC version of the ever popular P32 and now allows the small to medium sized workshops all the advantages of a CNC panelsaw.


Heavy duty but compact sliding table  panel saw using the same heavy duty sliding table as the full size machines but cut down to give a 1,900mm stroke. The machine also has the same heavy duty cross cut fence and the same heavy duty flip stops as found on the full size machines.


Heavy duty sliding table panel saw with manual adjustment to the raise, lower and tilting of the sawblades and manual adjustment to the scorer.


Heavy duty sliding table panel saw with motorised adjustment to the raise, lower and tilt of the sawblades and motorised adjustment to the scorer.

X3 Plus

Heavy duty CNC panel saw with 1500mm rip fence and colour touch screen control. This machine has CNC control to the blade height, the tilt, the 1500mm rip fence and 2 axis movement of the scorer.